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tv   [untitled]    July 13, 2011 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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britain's task of recovering divers pulled the bodies of ninety eight think six including mary children in the path of player a russian proves or that went down in the country's worst boating disaster. washington rejects russia's call for a missile defense cooperation that's while taking advantage of bent a socket sentiment to secure future bases and europe. as it is a torture uproar in the u.s. while advocating human rights to the rest of the world thousands of professional torturers are being trained at home.
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am in the russian capital you're watching r t i'm marina joshua into the program divers have pulled the bodies of almost one hundred people from their watery grave following the sinking of a pleasure boat on the volga river in waters russia's worst boeing disaster many of them are children who were packed into a games room on the bulgaria vessel when it went down in just a matter of minutes on sunday a total of around one hundred thirty people are thought to have been killed in the tragedy specialists are preparing to lift the wreck from the bottom of the river which is hoped will shed more light on the causes of the accident already partly blamed on negligence meanwhile the first funerals have been held in the republic of tatarstan as russia continues to mourn the victims some reports. this is the first the scene that shouldn't be. this ship was designed almost
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identically to the bulgaria in this room almost identical to the one that children on that ship played in but for whatever reason their fate was very different. yeah the. crowds gathered in remembrance of those killed by the sinking of the volga pleasure boat it was the younger victims and seemed to cast the longest shadow of. these schoolgirls at last one of their classmates. and with the most we study together for a year she never had on him and so then one shows a very kind girl and was always ready to help. as divers reached the play room one of the bokhari as arthur decks they found the bodies of the children that had gathered there just before the boat sunk. once inside the boat the bodies were
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everywhere and look forward and cabins for the most of them were wearing their life with us divers now have the awful time bring the bodies to the surface those left behind can only wonder at how fast their families were torn apart. our colleague was on that ship she went on a cruise together but her family was then five year old son and also she was pregnant and was to deliver her second baby in august has not found yet only her husband managed to survive she and her son died. and for those children left suddenly without parents the terrible truth they may not be able to comprehend for years she lost her mother and father we're old but we'll have to look after her and she's only one of our fears of knowledge that will you tell her we can't. she
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wouldn't understand. but there is much that people don't understand about this disaster feelings here amongst all of the people gathered here are very much ones of respect but all the big growing questions as to why this happened reports about the ship's engines failing about blocked emergency exits or the electricity failure that stopped any s.o.s. or evacuations structures going out criminal cases have been opened to like two ships passing straight to the sinking didn't stop to pick up a single person and did so why the aging vessel was allowed to sail in the first place but for those who have lost loved ones the case will never be closed down box and see. what you are to live from moscow still have for you this hour this side of his face. will continue covering the london high court session which will rule whether the extradition to sweden or that we can leaks founder julian assange will
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go ahead. if you are in the season in a fury over the phone hacking scandal gripping britain goes international as the us senate takes aim at rupert murdoch's media empire. speaking in washington russia's foreign minister has reiterated the need for cooperation over the u.s. plans for european missile shield it comes amid a widening has between america and russia over the issue washington maintains that shields to protect against attacks from rogue states such as iran as artie's gone as you can reports all too happy to take advantage of post soviet bitterness to see it through. without defense plans in europe are of course up for discussion. legally binding guarantees that the european missile defense project will not threaten russia's security there have been words before washington has many times said that the system would not be against russia but moscow needs to have it on
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paper some analyst explained that this urge that russia has been getting everything on paper with promises in the past that were not fulfilled for example when the soviet union collapsed russia was assured that nato would not be expanding towards these borders but he did it can be continued recruiting new members of the bottom line is words are good but words in a legally binding agreement are better foreign minister lavrov said that's probably the most irritating issue in the relations between the two countries and there is a huge desire to live it behind and to rather turn it into an area of cooperation for its own drone that being created on the basis of a miracle there should be a design of missile defense which was not accepted by us as a reasonable way to restore the received as the purpose of the system so we want to stick to the original that there would be no parts of the system which would create three six for the strategic stability and for the but then short the
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strategic stability and they just took the due course and some of the participants of the system russia has offered building the missile shield in europe together but that offer was turned down nato says russia can participate but it can't be a drawing project because russia is not part of nato so that moscow says if that's the case let's be our relations on agreements not just words the shield itself according to the state department will have the whole of europe covered my colleague alex a euro he wants to romania where the u.s. plans to build the radar and found out what it means for the local population take a listen. the voice of the romanian village of the still cannot believe his luck after washington big display syndrome a. poorest region to locate a new raider base locals have been all smiles about hypothetical investment of the . first word to the us we build a retard piece here we were a little bit scared in the bleacher we were informed it's having this piece of
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infrastructure and possibly jobs as it turns lou cools your piece into the suv was deserted for a long time. it will have a second chance. proposed to consist of radio facilities and interceptor rockets it is scheduled to be built by twenty fifteen and will become instrumental in president obama's european anti-missile defense shield in the one nine hundred fifty s. an airbase in the town of devore so in romania was used by the soviet forces now with washington's plans to place a radar station here locals have a job that should book arrest change this foreign policy again the place will be occupied by the chinese similar plans were no joke for some in other european countries thousands in the czech republic and poland protested against the initiative to have military bases on their soil with mixed results while the first line of interceptor missiles was eventually placed the czechs suddenly pulled out
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of it and on the south of the fence while in romania there have been no demonstrations like that. there is a historical fact that makes a romania one of the most cruel and their income countries in the world he has been explained by our ancestors the bad things and the companies came from the east everybody was expecting the american to rebalance the whole thing so there is this sentiment and this feeling that. the presence of the us is contra balance and specifically the us is contra balance. the presence or influenced of russia in the region if that is the real case then what security would this new shield provide and the most important big difference. from whom not even two years since barack obama restructured the bush era european shield scheme most schools delight over the u.s. president's move was replaced by feelings of discontent and concern. it is
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a worry that washington does something before these actions it is unclear what exactly they're creating as soon as we understand that this is someone be used against russia but when we do have a legally binding guarantee stood up these tensions would result lovers at this point being described as fruitful the recent summit between president with nato ambassadors in sochi broke the consensus on missile defense so experts say the issue will remain a thorn in the side for both moscow and washington at least until next year when the next may to russia council meeting will be held in chicago by the time construction of the radio facility in would most likely be in full swing. let's see reporting from various. us in romania. we can lease founder julian assange continues his fight against extradition at the high court in london sweden wants to question the world's most famous whistleblower over sexual assault
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allegations but his supporters fear extradition to the scandinavian country will open a way for the u.s. to get its hands on him and his lawyer and has the latest from outside the court building. today is the second day of was expected to be a two day hearing over the appeal of jude and i saw a whether he's to be extradited to sweden we're expecting wednesday to be given a bit to have agents on the hall over the swedish prosecutor's office since yesterday was given a two. defendants i phones left the court last night's completely tight lipped he didn't ways to any of his supporters who was standing outside the court he just walked away which must be a direct instruction from his new legal team that he has high especially to deal with a steering a new legal team seem to have taken on a new strategy that much more conciliatory about this case a much more concerned with european door and specifically the european arrest
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warrant under which students request to be extradited has been requested to the legal team all during that the european arrest warrant is invalid because of discrepancies essentially between the allegations that have been made and the testimonies over the two alleged victims that report counts to be considered it's ranging from the normal coercion of rights up to break and the defense team has said that there is nothing in the victim's statement that amounts to that and that no option evidence sold a lot of consent in those statements three of the full relegations they say wouldn't even amounts to crimes in the u.k. so it's very much the approach that that's taking hold they they are touring attention to the fact that our phones have not been charged in sweden that he's once and that may lead to questioning and they're saying has the prosecution staunton's has he actually been accused of anything and if not then the european arrest warrant is invalid we may be able to expect a verdict at the end of wednesday but we may know that the judge may refer the
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decision to another day he may put his off and give decision a few days or even a few weeks time we're hearing. reporting there from london well you can find more from our team on our website including the latest news. expert analysis some of the stories you can find out if you are calm right now and would how a world famous fast food chain turned into a grocery store officially at least one dollar serves up a smart move to save itself supersize tax bill. also tightening the screws on child molesters chemical castration could be used on convicted paedophiles in russia as the president pushes for tougher punishments. the u.s. one of the loudest preachers of human rights around the globe is facing a rising outcry against torture inside its own borders in the past sixty years thousands of professional torturers have reportedly been trained with approval from the department of the fans but as ford found out the pentagon claims it didn't know
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how the training was being put into practice. thank you think it's been thirty years since colombian soldiers kidnapped be starved and electroshock tak their out east peace about all for having a quote subversive book. but it's a memory he relives every day people have survived courtroom in cologne this time very lucky to be able to tell the story most people get tortured for ten days of the stand there and then they get shot and killed many have been these appear after said the colombian soldiers who tortured him and later killed his brother. were trained right here on american soil at the school of the america and for benning georgia army major joints a player was an instructor there i was very much in favor of the school of the americas during the cold war era but major blair says he was horrified with what his former students did with their anti-communist training in their own country the
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classified. army schooled in america use the words to regain its board assassinate. commonly. called waits for. graduates from the school of the americas have been implicated in massacres and torture throughout the hemisphere of the more than sixty thousand soldiers and police to have graduated ten thousand of them have been colombia has been the largest user of the school of the americas i don't think it's an accident that colombia is the abuser of your own rights and there was some hemisphere the eighth amendment to the us constitution forbids torture and other forms of cruel and unusual punishment as has the geneva convention but it did happen there is no question that our country. can torture it sort of taught others how to do it we also render sent people to prisons in other countries where they were in fact or
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truth there although congress to make them more oversight of military training programs and inter. investigation by the government accountability office so that school of the americas manuals advocated using quote torture truth serum blackmail and execution the pentagon said it didn't know what the manuals contain because its staff advisors assigned to review them didn't speak spanish united nations special repertoire for torture one mendez himself a survivor of torture says a lack of transparency in the u.s. led to further abuse in the eighty's unfortunately. the military aid police aide was restored and after that it's been difficult to get men to what extent that he includes teaching. techniques that are prohibited by law or by international law it's a legacy that sharply contrast with u.s. rhetoric about respect for human rights abroad the fact that there is an engagement with the police bodies for example that blew themselves and certainly practiced
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torture is an embarrassment and perhaps more than about as much to the united states torture survivors and religious leaders in washington d.c. have come together to demand a full commission of inquiry into what they describe as torture practiced or enabled by the united states including in its own prisons like one time obey and by the cia when president bush says that he waterboarding and he would do it again. and he said damn right that he had ordered it. so you know it's a very serious problem for the spirit soul of our country as a means of how many prisoners were tortured by the united states are hard to find survivors like hector's say the numbers don't tell the full story when someone gets torture you know only the person who sold her story for us to deal with wouldn't because of those on the courtroom it's also someone who has to dehumanize themselves in order to be humanize and all of human beings but
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a society that's true is going to pay a price a very big price as well killing for an artsy washington. the taliban's news that she was in ten years that's what the group called the assassination of the have brother of the afghan president karzai head of the kind of our province a volatile region on the border with pakistan kerry vandyke who back in two thousand and eight was held by the taliban for forty five days says the killing leaves washington with no one to rely on when it comes to securing the region. it was not just the governor or the shadow governor of kandahar he was the most powerful and the most popular person throughout all of southern afghanistan this shows that right now with the canadian troops pulling out and with the u.s. trying to you know focus on eastern afghanistan feeling that they have controlled the south there is now a vacuum who is in power who can the west rely upon no one and i've also heard and
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others have reported that he was responsible for perhaps starting to bring the taliban together with the united states to negotiate they killed a person who had all the information we do know that there's a power vacuum throughout all of southern afghanistan he who holds kandahar holds that country because in the one nine hundred eighty s. when i worked as a newspaper reporter in afghanistan there were negotiations between the dean the united states the soviet union pakistan pakistan does not want to watch from the sidelines when pakistan says that there should be direct negotiations between the united states and the taliban what it is also saying is that pakistan wants to be at the table also because don't forget most of your viewers know this the leadership of the taliban is not enough get to stand like al qaeda it is in pakistan it cannot operate there independently it has had institutional backing.
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as i was often accuse of links with the taliban in afghanistan and illegal drug trade the head of russia's federal drug control service victor even after a decade of military failures of the coalition forces in the country aren't helping watch his full interview in around ten minutes time but here's a quick preview. of. september we'll see the tenth anniversary of that interference it's longer than world war two but the situation in afghanistan hasn't improved it's become even worse and even senior officials like general petraeus for example commanding a military operation in afghanistan says that the number of armed clashes there increases year after year in fact the number of clashes over the past ten years has increased more than a hundred times so you have the assigned tasks been achieved we see that security in afghanistan has only gotten worse. with. the scandal surrounding rupert murdoch's media empire has garnered international after u.s.
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senators called for their own probe into the news corp company it follows allegations that some of murdoch's newspapers attempted to bribe the york policeman for access to the call records of nine eleven victims in britain the our greatest as details of the sheer scope of the hacking from royalty the murder victims and to sell them were turned out as editor of the day on line news things illegally gained data is used and not just by tabloids i think where this does become a question for national security is the idea that police are selling private phone numbers and private contact details of people like the royal family and the prime minister yes well this is not necessarily the same to sell these things to a newspaper as it would be to sell them to a terrorist organization but if you can do one you may be able to do the other so yes it's very serious but i think what people talk to an. expected is
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for. the scandal to go up through rebecca brooks who's the chief executive of news international to james murdoch and james mother can self many people say should step down and take a break. now let's take a look at some other stories from around the world here in this town people have been killed after an explosion on a boss in the pakistani capital of the police suspect the blast was triggered by a faulty gas cylinder that rocked an ignited all injured passengers were taken to hospital but officials have warned that gas tolls likely to rise. french lawmakers have voted in favor of continuing the country's military operation in the decision was made to work at the lower house of parliament while french officials claimed girl could ask his representatives have told them to libyan leader is ready to discuss iran's power steven brown beating out of your of the front page on line magazine believes the french are looking for an honorable way
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out of libya. france has just recently called for the rebels to negotiate with. and so the bombing will stop as soon as the they are at the negotiating table this shows to me that nato is surrendering the surrendering process has begun and i think frenzy is continuing because putting up a front of the moment to looking for a way for peace with honor withdrawal they can be they thought was going to be an easy victory. i said way back when. who should i negotiate with immersed in their ground troops in the media only the rebels were too weak to defeat don't know what they were thinking they simply got caught up in. their own human rights and. going through the u.n. waging war of the u.n. and this is the result you know there's no decisions costing tens of millions of dollars civilians are being killed libyan civilians. by shirin into southern libya to protect the oil facilities. he's the worst criminal in the
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future short of a new war is never going to take you live you civilians it was a vote to making sure the oil stayed safe with britain france. it was third time lucky for russia's space agency which finally managed to launch six u.s. communications satellites into orbit on one of its so used carriers blast happened in the early hours of the morning from the baikonur cosmodrome it hasn't seen an initially in the launch was scheduled for the end of july but was the stone twice due to technical reasons global stars satellites on board will provide high quality voice and data services for more than one hundred twenty countries across the world . to take the time now for a business of data. warning to you watching business switzerland as one of the top ten investors in russia and the country's traders only getting stronger leaders of the two are meeting today to
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talk business the first free trade agreements and the inauguration of the wholesome cement plant near moscow we caught up with the swiss economic minister to find out what's next and some of the projects. no but you can school. production and invest in the right one million. huge investment you really think this swiss company very much interested in participating being developing this. sort of pro-trade around to. you in particular. the president of employee. construction company recently and he mentioned. look for some piece of the cake around the stadium infrastructure in sochi. because of the
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markets now while is declining from a free day high at the end of cheese this session as investors bet that increasing u.s. crude supplies and crisis in europe may hold demand for materials both ways we crude brant are trading around half of the. cross asian markets are positive after days of china's g.d.p. growth slowed by less than expected probably stocks gained as a result with china overseas land and investment adding almost six percent financials are also heading higher with the china construction bank gaining around three percent japanese stocks are flats with a strong yen dampening sentiment chip really is low but some x. waters are gaining on a bargain hunting average of all the previous day. the markets will start trading in two hours so i my so exposed a quarter of a percent higher while the r.t.s. actually last point one percent. well russian stocks closed the moderate gains on
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choose the shops of the previous session market jitters are driven by fears that europe's debt problems could spiral out of control into worse than for months on capital so the sentiment is still difficult to navigate. but you could have a slight recovery day today but at the same time any bad news out of europe will sound so south again it's a really difficult market for navigating north to predict i wouldn't i wouldn't bet my own money on the either up or down but i think the term you know if you looking at the trend i think we're going to translate over it will go higher but you you know you could have entered it intraday gains but because the plan looks to be down at this point of time. gold closed as a record high on choose there's a running back to safe haven assets on worries over the spreading debt crisis in europe and it's likely to keep up the pace until you find a solution to its financial traumas as staying jacobson from saxo bank expects gold
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is now the only currency even though ironically it's not really a currency that is salivating your year long term investment criteria is in the sense that this is a currency that cannot be devalued by printing of money i think the reason why gold is going out right now is that everyone seems to sense that the political solution once again becomes throwing more dead at a dead issue we need to change their spirity that will probably take some pressure off the rescreening all but gold is going up today tomorrow and for the next week as long as the politicians play this game of hide and see and no decision made in. the south he will be back in fifty minutes time with nothing else either.
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